Famous Shows Filmed around Pacific Grove and Monterey

Big Little Lies wasn't the first show to be shot in and around Pacific Grove, Monterey and Big Sur. Turner and Hooch is one of our favs, and Start Trek IV: The Voyage home which is shot around the Monterey Bay Aquarium can be watched on the main of #JewelboxCottages.

Big Little Lies

Lovers Point provided an epic backdrop for Season 2's coffee shop, which was a handmade pop-up, just for filming. Nicole Kidman even gives it a shout-out on Instagram...complete with a cheeky seagull. Once you get the lay of the land, you'll realize that there's no way our heroines were driving across the Bixby Bridge to get their kiddos to school everyday. But there are loads of places where you can relive the drama! From Pacific Grove's own Lovers Point Beach to Monterey's Fisherman's Wharf, another regular coffee spot on the show to the 17-mile drive and Del Monte Beach, you can relive the drama!

Turner and Hooch

Filmed in the 80s, this Tom Hanks movie proves why he has been one of America's darlings.

He plays a neat-freak police detective who has to take in a slob of a pooch to try to solve the a murder. Quaint Victorian cottages are everywhere in the movie, just like they are in PG. And on a trip down main street you'll recognize today's Chase Bank as the Police Department and the Union Bank that's kiddie corner to it as the church where Hooch spots a suspect and chases him down.

We have Turner and Hooch saved for you on Amazon Prime in the Main Cottage. Just hit the menu button on the remote and go to My Movies.

Now take a look back at some of these scenes from other famous shows, and you'll start to recognize lots of hot spots along our coastline:

  • Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home The idea that an aquarium could house a couple of humpback whales is just as sci-fi as the outer space parts of this movie. I'm sure lots of visitors flocked here to see them after the film came out in the 80s.

  • Basic Instinct Starring Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas, the beach house scenes in this dramatic, sexy thriller were shot in Carmel and up and down our coastline.

  • More movies that go way back Click here to download a movie map put together by Monterey's Film Institute showing the many show scenes that have been filled here, from Clint Eastwood to Elizabeth Taylor to Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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